About Artist



Born in Busan, Korea
Lives and Works in Yangpyeong, Korea


Sookmyung Women’s University, Seoul, Korea


2016 The 25th Solo Exhibition “Nude Spring Picnic” Gallery Scandia, Seoul, Korea
2015 The 23th Exhibition “Gallery M” Gallery M, Seoul, Korea
2013 The 20th Exhibition “Drawing Festival” Guha Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2013 The 19th Exhibition “Drawing K-Classic” Seoul Station, Seoul, Korea
2009 The 14th Solo Exhibition Raemian Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2007 The 10th Solo Exhibition Gallery Lamer, Seoul, Korea
2005 The 9th Solo Exhibition Miso Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2003 The 7th Water Color Solo Exhibition Gamateo Gallery, Yangpyeong, Korea
1999 The 6th Solo Exhibition Insa Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1997 The 5th Solo Exhibition Busan KBS Art Gallery, Busan, Korea
1993 The 4th Solo Exhibition Hyundai Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1992 The 3rd Solo Exhibition Shinsegye Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1990 The 2nd Solo Exhibition KOEX Hyundai Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1988 The 1st Solo Exhibition Kokung Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea


2017 “Abstraction” Tenri Cultural Institute of New York, NY
2017 “Singapore Contemporary” Suntec Centre, Singapore
2016 Invitational Exhibition “Dream and Everyday” Y Museum, Yangpyeong, Korea
2016 “Photo & Travel 2016” KOEX, Seoul, Korea
2015 Invitational Exhibition “MBC Art Ulsan 2015” Ulsan MBC, Ulsan, Korea
2015 Exhibition “The Blessing of YangPyeong” Y Museum, Yangpyeong, Korea
2014 Exhibition “Change-Exchange 14” Y Museum, Yangpyeong, Korea
2013 “Busan International Art Fair 2013” BEXCO, Busan, Korea
2013 Exhibition “Yong ?To ART SOCIETY” Insa art center, Seoul, Korea
2012 Exhibition “Change-Exchange 13” Y Museum, Yangpyeong, Korea
2012 Exhibition “Korea Art Festival 2012” Korea Kulturhaus, Vienna, Austria
2011 Exhibition “Seoul~Berlin 2011” Kunstler Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2010 Exhibition “Korea Art Festival 2010” Palais Palffy, Vienna, Austria
2010 “Seoul Art Fair” BEXCO, Busan, Korea
2009 “Sanghai Art Fair 2009” Shanghai Mart, Sanghai, China
2009 “New Art Expo” Javits Center, New York, USA
2008 “Seoul Open Art Pair” KOEX, Seoul, Korea
2008 “KAMP Art Festival”
2008 “Seoul Art Fair”
2004~8 “Yangpyeong Environmental Art Festival” Y Museum, Yangpyeong, Korea
2008 Exhibition “Yong ?To ART SOCIETY” Insa Art Centers, Seoul, Korea
2007 Exhibition “The Artist in Yangpyeong” Y Museum, Yangpyeong, Korea
2007 Exhibition “Molnori Art” Y Museum, Yangpyeong, Korea
2006 The Duet (2 Artists) Drawing Exihbition
2006 Fragrance of Woman-Nude Croquis Exhibition
2005 International Environmental Artexpo
2005 Four Artists Four Colors Exhibition
2001 Bennale Intermazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea Exhibition
1999 Bennale Intermaziondal Dell’Arte Contemporanea Invitation Exhibition


2015 Gallery M, Seoul, Korea
2010 Hanggyeong Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2007 LG Display Head Office, Seoul, Korea
2004 Incheon International Airport, Daewoo Sky World Building, Incheon, Korea
2003 Sanbon Composite Building, Gunpo, Korea
1998 Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine, Seoul, Korea
1998 Sam Hospital, Anyang, Korea
1992 Bugok Golf Course Golf House, Changnyeong, Korea
1990 Korea Legal Training Institute Main Hall, Yongin, Korea


2001 Bennale Intermazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea 3rd Oil Painting Part Award 5th Place
1995 GusangJeon(Concept artworks Exhibition) Special Award
1989 GusangJeon(Concept artworks Exhibition) Special Award
1988 Korea Creation Art Association Award
1987 Korea Watercolor Painting Contest Award
1986 Korea Watercolor Painting Contest Award
1986 GusangJeon(Concept artworks Exhibition) Special Award


Special Lectures at Jirisan High School
Special Lectures at Haitai Crown Inc.
Special Lectures at Hanggyeong Art Gallery
Special Lectures at Trust Inc.
Special Lectures at Theresa Woman High School


The Story of a Door (Poetry)
National Treasure Literature Poetry
Reading Newspaper, “A Serial Essay”